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The most environmentally friendly was is to not have to replace our gear every few years.
Unfortunatelly not all suppliers think that way.
By choosing quality gear and quality brands our divegear still looks good and functions perfectly after many years.
Having 20+ years of experience with divegear sure helps. As is taking care and properly rinsing and maintaining gear.
At the moment we are looking into the way divegear is manufacured and recycled to make even more environmetally friendly choices.

50% of our moves and 30% of our kilometers is done by bike.
Since 2021 we have an electric Cargo bike.
Our minivan is a 2007 Fiat Scudo. It runs 1 liter of fuel per 16km.
By being a double cabin it can transport all of our divegear as well as 4 passengers, so it does the job of 2 cars.

Public pools:
Pools are big users of energy, water and chemicals.
The Zuiderbad is a 112 year old Rijksmonument and not build up to modern standard.
Still everything is insulated, the pool has it's own water well and the roof is full of solar panels.
Both pools maximize efficienty by being open 15 hours a day.

Bank supplier (we still have to change to a more responsible one)


to be completed


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De Mirandabad
Overtoom 93, Amsterdam

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