Divection has a Freediving team that trains every wednesday evening in the De Mirandabad pool.
Cost is 37,50 euro per 3 months. You pay in advance
Single evening: 8 euro, max 8x per year.

You change from 20:30h and do stretching and prepare for the pool dive.
Diving is from 21:00h-22:00h
You train with the people you meet. There is no trainer.
Usually there are some experienced Freedivers (instructors) that can help you with your training.
We have a whatsapp group and members meet up for freediving in Open Water or deep pools like Todi and Dive4life.
Founder of the team is multiple dutch record holder Pete Botman.

Please visit this link for more information or call us.
We are still working on a dedicated freediving website.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+31 6 28 5655 84 (mobile)
+31 20 770 8850
(daily 9:30h-19:30h)

De Mirandabad
Overtoom 93, Amsterdam

Visit by appointment only.

Divection is aangesloten bij de Professional Association of Diving Instructors