Gaan alle cursussen in het schema door?

90% van de cursussen gaat gewoon door volgens schema. Bij te weinig deelnemers zoeken we met de al ingeschreven deelnemers een passende oplossing.
Het schema kan (op verzoek, en als de cursus nog leeg is) wijzigen. Heb je een bepaalde cursus op het oog? Laat het ons dan weten. Dan zetten we je in optie en houden je op de hoogte.
Het meest actuele schema staat altijd op

I could not finish my course abroad/got certified as a Scuba Diver.  Can I complete the Open Water Diver course with you?

Yes, of course you can! Provided that it is less than a year ago.
The most efficient way is through a private or partially private course.
This way we can look at what you have already learned and done, and work from there.
As this option is more expensive it might not fit everyone's budget.

Joining our group lessons is another option.
The continuity and quality of the PADI Open Water Diver course for our existing students is our priority.
Dive conditions in open water and the gear used is probably different from what you are used to.
For that reason our pool sessions are more thorough then abroad and also in a slightly different order.
Theory: please repeat what you have done so far, with self study.
Pool sessions: we want you to repeat one or more sessions, and continue from there.
Open Water Dives: We want you to start again from Dive one, this is good practice and will make you a better diver.

Best is to send us an email and explain your personal situation. Please add documentation of completed sections (PADI referral form)

Consider finishing your Open Water Diver course where you have started it. That is probalbly the most smooth option.


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