Dive Support for film and TV productions. 

Filming underwater is a profession in its own right. Light behaves very differently underwater, and underwater camera housings sometimes have unexpected limitations. We can advise you on this or even operate the camera for you. Getting actors (to stay) in position is always a challenge.  We have lots of experience, tricks and purpose build straps and weights to do this, making your production more efficient. You can contact us for all diving equipment, safety divers, blacking out pool walls, installations, bubble effects etc. And of course we guide and train Actors and stunt doubles.

Over the years, Divection has become an expert in underwater filming.
We are part of the dive team that is the sole operator of the only (Gates) Dutch underwater housing for the Arri Mini. We can also be of service if you already have a camera and/or operator.

Please contact us as early as possible so that we can help you find the right (underwater) film location. We are in touch with many swimming pools and special (water) film sets/studios/locations.

Underwater Acting

We give breath hold training to actors who have to act underwater. This provides a huge advantage during the shoot because the actor can go without breath for 2 to 3 times as long and can focus more on acting. We can provide underwater communication equipment so that the camera operator can talk  with the people on the surface, and even give the actor comments underwater.

We love a challenge, so feel free to contact us!

Feature Films:
De man uit Rome (6 apr 2023)
Crossing (8 jun 2023)
Narcosis (21 Oct 2022)(trailer) (3x Gouden Kalf)
Torpedo (BE) (23 okt 2019) (1e teaser)(trailer)
Bankier van het verzet (2017)(trailer)
Atlantic (2015)(trailer)
App de Film (2013) (trailer)
De van Waveren tapes (2012)

TV/streaming Films:
Dormis (videoland Academy, 25 sep 2022)
Alleen Vliegen, (2021, afstudeerfilm, Filmacademie)
Harmonia, (dec 2020, afstudeerfilm, filmacademie)
Onderhuids, (sept 2019, afstudeerfilm, Hogeschool vd kunsten)
Het mooiste wat er is (2015)
Onder invloed (2013) (min 42:00)

Mocro Maffia (Fiction Valley, videoland 2024)
Patty (Blooming Film & TV, Videoland 2024)
Sleepers 2 (Fiction Valley videoland 2024)
Droom van de Jeugd (Topcapi, KRO-NCRV vanaf 7 juni 2023, NPO1)
Incognito (videoland 17 Februari 2023)(Trailer)
Sleepers (videoland 8 dec 2022)
Lampje (Pupkin, 2-5 jan 2023, 19.30h NPO) (trailer)
Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden afl. 6406, Endemolshine (19 may 2021)
Kabam (afl.7 Zwemspelletje, 23 feb 2021) (Emmy Award Kids: Live-Action)
Kamp Koekieloekie (afl.4 Suus, 6:15 – 8:20  21 mrt 2021)
Klem S3E5 Betonnen gympen (BNNVARA,2020)
Treadstone S1E10 (USA, okt 2019)(trailer)
Ik weet wie je bent (2018)
Als de dijken breken (2016)

dansfilm Armazoer (2024)
boxer Artjom rotterdam (2023)
Kelly (Primevideo) eindscene zeemeerminstaart (31 mrt 2023)
Puinhoop (Oct 2022) (Trailer)
EO: Stil Water, Simonka de Jong (19 feb 2023)
Exhale (2021 dansfilm) and making of
Alex (2021 short) (trailer)

TV programma’s:
NPO: FactCheckers (Skyhigh tv) (2024)
RTL4: All Against 1 (18 nov 2023 en 25 nov? 2023, Endemolshine)
KRONCRV: De Platenzaak, Trafassi (19 apr 2023)
NTR: Ben ik hier alleen (9 dec 2021)
NOS: Eurovision Songfestival Interval Act Davina Michelle / Thekla Reuten (18 may 2021)
KRONCRV: Ambassade van de Noordzee, 44m:30s (paling in Amsterdam) (11 april 2021)
NTR: De Buitendienst (sept 2019)
ABC (USA): The Bachelorette (2019)
NTR: Brard & Jekel” Vetgelukkig?! (30 okt 2018)
AT5: de straten van Amsterdam(2017)
BNNVARA: o.a. 3 op reis, Proefkonijnen(2012-2017), Jules Unlimited(2017)
KRONCRV:  Klaas kan Alles(2016)
EO: De verandering(2012)
VPRO:  Toren C (2012)
WNL: Goedemorgen Nederland(2016)
RTL: Editie NL(2007,2010), De slechtste chauffeur van NL (14-12-2015)
RTVNL: NHdiep (2011, studio-interview)

Rituals, The Art of Soulful Living (2022)
Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur, Aqua Revive Range (2022, training double)
Just CZ (2021) Vigics
Gouda’s Glorie SAUS (2021), Pinkrabbit
Toyota (29 apr 2021), Hazazah
Skoda (2021), Halal
Grolsch 0.0 (12 apr 2021), Czar
T-Mobile thuis (4 mar 2021) , Halal
Volkskrant: Kijk verder, digitale editie (may 2019) and “making of” , Made.for.digital
Red Bull: Robbie Maddison (end 2018), Eyeforce
Samsung Switch to Galaxy (nov 2018), Cake
Grolsch Kornuit (2018), Czar
About You (2017), Halal
Chocomel (2017), Tosti Creative
Bavaria (2016) , Halal
Intersport (2016) , Cake
ING (2015), Flickering Wall
3FM 90’s request (2011) , Corrino
Hema (2009)
Mastercard (2007)

Bella Belle (2023)
Александр Малинин – “Китами” (okt 2020), CineAmsterdam
R3HAB & Clara Mae & Frank Walker – More Than OK (2020), Recent
Duncan Laurence – Arcade (Songfestival 2019), Paul Bellaart
Tom Trago – Working Machines
 (2018) (Czar, Grolsch kornuit)
Haevn – Back in the Water (2018), Soda Content
Bizzey – Bij Mij ft. Josylvio (2016), Dpplr

Seahorse Parents, (verwacht 2023) Miriam Guttman Fotografie en Film

Stunts, producties, events:
Zeehond in de gracht, 10-7-2019 Amsterdam
Haai in de gracht, 22-4-2018 Amsterdam
Afsluiting weesperzijdefestival 2016
Opening tentoonstelling Sicilië en de Zee, Allard Pierson Museum, 2015
Uitreiking Glazen Parel, Uitdam, 2009

Vlogs/ Influencer/ Pilot:
Gierige Gasten – Filmbusters, 6 minuten adem inhouden (okt 2021)
Markerwadden – Loran doet goed (2016), Vilm
High Culture Lizzy van der Ligt (2015)

Printed media:
Parool: “duik in het palingleven” (24-11-2020)