Discover Scuba Dive

Try-out diving in the pool

Always wondered what it would be like to disappear underneath the surface of the water and explore the hidden world beneath the waves? It’s all possible because of Scuba Diving. With the Discover Scuba Dive you’ll take the first steps in your diving adventure, safely in the pool. You get to know the equipment, learn the first theoretical fundamentals, take your first breaths underwater, and experience the feeling of weightlessness.

What you’ll do:

  • Go over the scuba equipment you use to dive and how easy it is to move around underwater with your gear.
  • Find out what it’s like to breathe underwater.
  • Learn key skills that you’ll use during every scuba dive.

If you decide that you want to keep diving down the path that’s leads down into the beautiful underwater world, and sign up for the PADI- Open Water Diver Course, you’ll get the Discover Scuba Dive for free!

Price and requirements 

– You are 10 years or older and healthy.
– You can swim (200 meters non-stop and 10 min survival float)
– You understand that for your own safety, you have to comply to certain rules.

Price €72,– euro inc. gear