Keep the diving lifestyle going

Did you finish your course and do you want to keep the diving lifestyle going? Join fundives all over the Netherlands (and sometimes across the borders), organized BBQ’s, social evenings, the winter academy and more.

We are a group of staff members, students and ex-students who like to have a nice day of diving once or twice a month. We’re a social group who like to finish the day with a cold beer.

Fundives 2021:

Tuesday1* Feb ’21Todi deep pool, Belgium*Canceled due to COVID-19*
Monday1* April ’21Easter Egg hunt Vinkeveen*Canceled due to COVID-19*
Saturday22 May ’21ZeelandSearch for cuttlefish during mating season
Saturday12 June ’21Spiegelpolder
Sunday11 July ’21Ouderkerkerplas
Saturday31 July ’21Onderwaterpark TwiskeWith a BBQ afterwards
August T.B.A.Zeeland
August T.B.A.Cockpit in The Beldert
September T.B.A.Steengroeves BelgiëLooking for sturgeons
September T.B.A.Zeeland, Grevelingen, Dreischor
October T.B.AZeeland, Grevelingen, Den Osse
October T.B.AOostvoornse Meer
November T.B.A.VinkeveenEnd of season dives