Enrich yourself!

Oxygen-enriched air, known to divers as Nitrox, gives you longer dive limits. That makes quite a difference, especially between 18 and 30-35 meters deep.

  • Nitrox contains less nitrogen than regular compressed air.
  • Your body absorbs less nitrogen when you dive with Nitrox.
  • You can dive longer with Nitrox.

The Schedule 

  • During a one and a half hour presentation we will teach you the ins and outs of Nitrox.
  • We alternate theory with skills such as the use of analysis equipment, marking fillings, operation of filling log, etc.
  • There is plenty of time for questions.
  • Worldwide issuance, analysis and registration of nitrox (diving) does not always go by the book. We teach you the dos and don’ts from practice.
  • We close with the exam and a beer or something else.

Price and requirements 

– You are in possession of an Open Water Diver certificate.
– You are at least 10 years old.
– You’re in good health.
– You understand that you have to abide by certain rules for your own

Price €169,– euro inc. gear

  • One evening
  • Includes all workshops and certification cost.
  • Including 2x free upgrade from air to nitrox during fundives or courses within 12 months.