Advanced Open Water Diver

The Next Step

This Course is for those who want to reach further. Not only in dept but in experiences and confidence as well. This course consists of 5 adventure dives, which help you grow as a diver. Want to reach that wreck at a dept of 30 meters, or learn to navigate underwater, maybe dive when the world is asleep (but the underwater world isn’t), then this is the right course for you.

The Course

We do our pool dives in two of the most beautiful pools in Amsterdam: the Zuiderbad next to the Rijksmuseum and the De Mirandad which is just a 15 minutes’ car drive away from the Vinkeveense plassen. This is perfect because this is where we mostly do the open water dives. It’s the ideal spot to start your diving adventure. The bottom is filled with white sand, wrecks and even an school bus, and it’s possible to go to a dept of 20-30m.

While participating in the course you’ll learn all the necessary theory. We use the PADI E-learning.

The Schedule 

The pool dive

With The Advanced Open Water Diver Course, you’ll be mostly in the open water (obviously). But maybe you’ve had a break from diving for a couple of years, and you’d like to refresh your skills? No problem! The course starts with a (optional) refresher dive at the pool, and the beginning of the theory.

The open water dives

Have a good night rest on Friday or make sure you ask us for a coffee on Saturday, because this is going to be a challenging, but rewarding, day. We start in de beginning of the afternoon, and we will go on till the sun has disappeared after the horizon. This day we’ll do three dives: Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive, Navigation Dive and the Night Dive.

On Sunday, we start in the morning and do the Search and Recovery Dive and the Deep Dive. After which we go back to the dive school and celebrate the completion of the course.

Price and requirements 

– You are 12 years or older, fit and healthy.
– You are a certified Open Water Diver.
– You are at least as good a diver as a freshly certified Open Water Diver and have dived in the Netherlands before.
– You understand that you have to comply to certain rules for your own safety.

Price €480,– euro inc. gear