No cylinders, just lungs!

Freediving is about inner strength, discipline and control. Gliding through the water on one single breath. Streamlined, without bulky dive gear, no bubbles, no sound. Freediving is a lifestyle, not something you will learn in one and a half days and never have to practice again. Like with many sports and courses, our Divection Freediver course will run for several weeks on the same day / evening of the week. Just like a running class. This will ensure a solid freediving foundation. You will not only learn skills, but also practice and refine them. Explore the capabilities but also the personal limits of your body. With training, you will improve and extend those capabilities. Your instructor is a professional Freediver.

The Course

The course consists of:
– Theory lessons / briefings, self study with the PADI Freediver digital touch and our online knowledge reviews.
– Pool training sessions, with theory sessions before the pool training
– Deep Water training. This will be done in Vinkeveen or in winter times can be a pool deeper than 10 meters. Several of those pools exist in Germany and Belgium.

Freediving Team 

Divection has a Freediving team that trains every Wednesday evening in the De Mirandabad pool. Cost is 285 euro per calender year. You pay in advance. If you join later during year a discount is applied
Single evening: 12 euro cash , max 2x per year.

-You train with the people you meet. There is no trainer.
-Usually there are some experienced Freedivers (instructors) that can help you with your training.
-We have a WhatsApp group and members meet up for freediving in Open Water or deep pools like Todi and Dive4life. Founder of the team is multiple Dutch record holder Pete Botman.

Requirements and price

– You are 15 years or older and healty.
– You can swim (200 meters non-stop and 10 min survival float)
– You understand that for your own safety, you have to comply to certain rules.

If you complete all performance requirements you can apply for the PADI Freediver certification. Certification cost is included in the course price
90 seconds : Static Apnea (face down in the water, breath hold without swimming)
25 meters : Dynamic Apnea (horizontal distance with fins)
10 meters : Constant weight with fins (vertical depth under water with fins)

Price course €525,– euro.