Open Water Diver

Dive all over the world

After completing this course, the world is yours. You’ll be able to dive in the hot waters of the Great Barrier Reef all the way to the cold waters of the Arctic. This is possible because of the worldwide recognition that PADI provides. With this certification you are qualified to rent dive equipment, fill your cylinder and join diving trips that go down to a maximum depth of 18 meters. It teaches you all you need to know to dive safe and responsible.

The Course

With the Open Water Diver Course, you’ll practice a part of the exercises in the pool and of course… in the open water. The course consists of 5 pool dives and 4 open water dives. We dive in two of the most beautiful pools in Amsterdam: the Zuiderbad next to the Rijksmuseum and the De Mirandad which is just a 15 minutes’ car drive away from the Vinkeveense plassen. Which is perfect because this is where we mostly do the open water dives. It’s the perfect spot to start your diving adventure. The bottom is filled with white sand, wrecks and even a school bus!

While participating in the course, you’ll learn all the necessary theory. We use the PADI book and the E-learning.

The Schedule 

The pool dives – The 5 pool dives are divided over 3-4 Monday or Wednesday evenings.

The open water dives – The 4 open water dives take place in one weekend.

The theory – You’ll learn most of the theory at home. This will take you around 5-10 hours.

Price and requirements 

– You are 10 years or older and healthy.
– You can swim (200 meters non-stop and 10 min survival float)
– You understand that for your own safety, you have to comply to certain rules.
– You have to be present at all evenings/day’s of the course.

Price €665,– euro inc. gear