Dry Suit Diver

Dive dry and warm, no matter the water temperature!

All the algae have disappeared, and as a result the water is crystal clear. Your diving season starts early, and ends late. You put on your dry suit over your sweatpants and woolen sweater. And no matter the time of year, you jump into the water, and you won’t experience any cold.

The Course

When entering the water you do not get wet and that is still a strange feeling. Only around your face does it feel cold. That’ll pass in a few minutes. You let the air escape from your suit through the valve on your upper arm to descend. During the dive, you can blow air into your suit with the inflator on your chest. Just enough to keep you nice and warm and prevent a suit “squeeze”. The air in the suit ensures that you are nice and stable in the water.

Since dry suit diving is largely about buoyancy, fin technique and altitude in the water, this is also a very suitable course for people who want to improve their buoyancy.

The Schedule 

The dry suit specialty consists of 1 pool dive and 2 outdoor dives. After that, you can dive safely in a dry suit. In the summer, the pool dive can also be done in shallow outdoor water. However, assume that you will then need at least 10 diving experience before you dive just as easily in a dry suit as in your wetsuit.

Price and requirements 

Price €325,– euro inc. gear